Kommentar von Ele de Haas | 18-07-2011

Being a LANCIA VINTAGE car “lover” since end of the fifties & the owner of 2 x AURELIA B-20 GT cars & 2 X Flaminia PF-coupe cars, I was always facing the vibrations of the cardan-axles (= all cars) over a period of 12 years.

No-one was able to solve this cardan-axle vibrations problem. Every-one told me “to learn to accept such.......”. Finally I met Mr J. Van Geffen. He told me to come. I did so. Results are awesome & stunning covering all my transaxle Lancia cars. No more vibrations!

These Lancia Aurelia & Flaminia vehicles “run as smooth as OIL from a dipstick”. I am grateful for his balance-work done.

E.S.G. de Haas

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